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Development of a high precision reconstruction system designed to be used in a professional simulation environment related with real crash events.


The CRASH project aims to research in the field of Data Science, 3D Simulation, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering, proposing to develop a fully functional prototype that provides a highly accurate virtual reconstruction, description, and diagnostic of the causes of road traffic accidents.


3D scanning system for the accident scene

3D scanning system for
the accident scene

Development of a 3D digitalization system for vehicles with precise definition of the deformations suffered during an accident;
Development of a system to create the accident scene with the identification of all accident forensic evidences and their measurement definition.

Data science and artificial intelligence

Data science and
artificial intelligence

The ability to relate 3D objects and evidences to other sources of precise information (sensors), to reconstruct the whole accident timeline combining data and relevant 3D objects and include at any timeline moment relevant vehicle mechanic and dynamic models, related any kind 3D object.

Crash models

Crash models

Definition of the mechanical equations of kinematic and dynamic behaviour of physical models resulting from the 3D scanning. Integration of the information recorded in the vehicles to feed the vehicle dynamic behaviour and driver behaviour.

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